The artist is creating a positive message of LOVE with stainless steel letters placed vertically on a bright red base.  The letters are mirror finished stainless steel to invite reflections of the viewer, their face, their image, along with reflections of the surrounding world.  People by and large reflect what’s inside themselves. This piece is meant to cause a smile, a positive feeling, a reflection of the viewer and a great backdrop for a selfie or photo with a friend.  The art has an interactive component inviting the viewer to leave their message, positive and inspiring, or whatever.



This art is meant to emphasize what I feel.  I believe in positive thinking. “If you think you can, or if you think you cannot, you are right!”  How we see ourselves and our daily challenges is the difference between a good mental health or anguish and despair.  My art is meant to bring a smile, a photo, the completion of a sentence, and a moment where the viewer …believes. The art will only be finished when the last person leaves their written message.  I want the walls to look like graffiti with messages, feelings, hope, and a sense of completion for the writer, AND the artist.



The Love project concept started years ago as a sense of place marker.  The original concept was to create a monument sign for commercial tenants in a building along a transit corridor.  The idea was to create an attractive sign with tenant names for ease of directing patrons to their place of business.  BUT… there are tens of millions of monument signs across America and after awhile they all look the same. They are functional.  We create art.


A mirror finished stainless steel LOVE sculpture is anything but common.  Tenants would be able to tell patrons, “you probably have seen our building, it’s the one with the LOVE sculpture.”  No business names would tarnish the art, just a sense of place marker no one would forget once they see it, one time.  We also knew it would be a very popular place to take a selfie or photo with a friend.


The monolith sculpture required fat, chunky letters, with lots of connectivity between them for wind and live loads.  Hundreds of founts were considered but none offered a fun, hip look, and flat surfaces for connection, so the artist created his unique letter font.  The font and the monolith underwent structural engineering review, 3-D modeling, 3-D Printing, and a 2-D full scale mockup to view portions. The letters twist on the one below, they are not stacked in the same vertical plane.  Polishing welded stainless to a mirror finish also drove certain font design considerations. The process took a few years while other projects were in production.


Then another creative thought emerged while fabricating “LOVE,”, and the project change again adding 80 feet of surrounding wall, eight feet tall.  What if the art is not finished until the public puts its mark on the project? The artist had the idea of writing a simple incomplete sentence many times on the chalk-board painted walls.  “I Love When You __________.” A few of the sentences will be finished to give the viewer a sense of how the artist is inspired by LOVE. Chalk would be provided for anyone who wants to complete the sentence in their own words.  Additional open space would allow a person to express their answer in picture form. Lighting will allow 24-hour access to view the art and to leave your feeling on the wall. Once the 600 plus square feet of wall is filled with thousands of completed sentences and graffiti like drawings, the art will be complete.