The Angel and The Dragon

The Angel and the Dragon are photograph-interactive art pieces designed to create a sense of place. Once installed they will serve as a place maker for people to meet or take a photo that best fits their mood that day. It is interactive art that requires a person to step into the photo. The Angel is in production. The artist created it in CAD with 8 major sections of steel and one halo. There is symbolism in the background and plenty of opportunity for the viewer to make their own scene. Normally you might offset an angel with a devil to express both sides of the human condition. Most of us fluctuate between good and sometimes poor behavior. BUT the artist did not want to emphasize evil so If you visit this installation, meant to create a sense of place, and you are feeling less than good-natured that day, you might best relate to the Dragon. The dragon is in the early CAD stages of design and will be installed months later than the Angel.

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